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Roulements industriels / Type de bloc d'oreiller Roulements à billes / roulement à blocs d'oreillers

Informations de base

Modèle:  UCFLU201/UCFLU202/UCLFU203

Description du produit

Numéro de modèle: UCFLU201 / UCFLU202 / UCLFU203 Le nombre de lignes: Un seul matériau: Acier inoxydable Direction de la charge: Roulement radial Nom du produit: Roulement à billes à coussin Ucfu201 Matériau de la cage: Fonte / Plastique / Acier inoxydable Vibration: Z1V1, Z2V2, Z3V3 Bearing Matériel: Gcr15 Type de modèle: Ucflu201 / Ucflu202 / Uclfu203 Marque déposée: ITJ Origine: Tianjin en Chine Roulement: Roulements à billes Dimension extérieure: Petit (28-55mm) Sphérique: Roulements alignés Séparés: Séparés Marque: Itj, NTN, NSK, Koyo, Timken, OEM Détection disponible: C2, C0, C3, C4, C5 Poids (Kg): 0.45 Application: Unités de machines de transport et Textile Cr & Cor: 12800 et 6600 Spécifications: Certificat SGS Code SH: 84821000 roulements industriels / bloc d'oreiller Type de roulement à billes / bloc d'oreiller Portant 1.Description et production du produit
Material Gcr15 Material/Chrome Steel/Iron cast
Quality P0,P6,P5,P4,P2
Cage,Retainer MB,CA,CC,E
size 12*99*57mm
type pillow block bearing
Certificate SGS
Service OEM&ODM


Application used in many areas of large steel mills, aviation,aerospace,marine,railway,metallurgy,steel, mining,electricity,machinery manufacturing,printing, electronics,textiles,food,chemical,automotive etc
Autre type amortisseur
Industrial Bearings/Pillow Block Type Ball Bearing/Pillow Block Bearing

                 Diemesion(mm) Bolt size Basic load ratings(KN) Limiting speeds(r/min) Bearing No. Mass(kg)
d L H0 Cr Cor
12 127 62 M10 12800 6600 6700/4900 ucp201 0.7
15 127 62 M10 12800 6600 6700/4900 ucp202 0.7
17 127 62 M10 12800 6600 6700/4900 ucp203 0.7
20 127 65 M10 12800 6600 6700/4900 ucp204 0.7
25 140 71 M10 14000 7850 5600/4100 ucp205 0.8
30 165 83 M14 19500 11300 4700/3400 ucp206 1.3
35 167 93 M14 25700 15300 4000/3000 ucp207 1.6
40 184 100 M14 29100 17900 3600/2600 ucp208 1.9
45 190 106 M14 31500 20400 3300/2400 ucp209 2.2
50 206 114 M16 35000 23200 3000/2000 ucp210 2.6
55 219 126 M16 43500 29300 2700/2000 ucp211 3.3
60 241 138 M16 52500 36000 2400/1800 ucp212 4.6
65 265 151 M20 57500 40000 2300/1700 ucp213 5.9
70 266 157 M20 62000 44000 2200/1600 ucp214 6.6
75 275 163 M20 66000 49500 2000/1500 ucp215 7.4
80 292 175 M20 72500 53000 1900/1400 ucp216 9
85 310 187 M20 84000 62000 1800/1300 ucp217 11
Although its basic performance with deep groove ball bearings should be similar, but because of the bearing are mostly applied in mechanical rough, installation location is not accurate, the axis of the shaft with a hole to neutral, or under the condition of large axial length and deflection etc, and the bearing itself precision is not high, some structure is rough, so the performance of the actual performance comparison on the same specifications of the deep groove ball bearings to play quite a discount.For example, with the top wire of outer spherical ball bearing used in poor rigidity of large deflection of shaft, this kind of bearing with seals on both sides, can prevent dirt intrusion, closely when they leave the third loading
The right amount of lubricant, does not need to clean before installation, do not need to add lubricant, bearing inner ring protruding the top wire screw fastening the shaft on the side. When allowed axial load shall not exceed 20% of the rated dynamic load.
Insert ball bearing units with eccentric sleeve with the top wire outer spherical bearing performance is basically the same, just the top silk, the circle, but on the eccentric sleeve.Cone hole of outer spherical ball bearing inner hole for 1:12 taper cone hole, can be installed directly on the conical shaft, or with the help of a set bushing is installed on the no shoulder axis, and fine-tune the bearing clearance.
Outside the spherical bearing is suitable for the required equipment and parts of simple situation, such as used for agricultural machinery, transportation systems or on construction machinery.
Is mainly used to bear radial direction load primarily radial and axial loads, and should not be commonly alone bear axial load, the bearing can be installed separately inner ring (with full set of roller and retainer) and outer ring.This kind of bearings are not allowed to have inclined shaft relative shell, under radial load appointment will generate additional axial force.This kind of bearing, the size of the axial clearance of the bearing can be normal working relationship is very big, when the axial clearance through the hours, temperature rise is higher;The larger axial clearance, the bearing is easy to damage.In installation and operation, it is important to pay special attention to the adjustment of bearing axial clearance and preloaded mounting can be made when necessary, to increase the bearing rigidity.

Insert ball bearing units in accordance with the cooperation with shaft to points can be divided into three categories:
Insert ball bearing units, with the top wire Its code-named: UC200 series, light series), UC300 series product series (heavy), and the deformation UB 200 series (SB), if use environment fit small, usually choose UC200 series, choose UC300 series conversely.Insert ball bearing units are often on the top SiDou is two, the Angle is 120 °, the feature is used when working with shaft top wire to the top on the shaft, then play a fixed effect, but their cooperation environment needs necessary oscillation is small.This kind of outer spherical ball bearing match throughout, is widely used in textile machinery, ceramic machinery and so on various production industry.
Second, insert ball bearing units with taper Its code-named: UK200 series, UK300 series.Such outer spherical ball bearing inner diameter is 1:12 share taper hole, apply to cooperate with tight sleeves when use, this kind of outer spherical ball bearing features as follows: insert ball bearing units can accept than covered wire larger load.Due to its close set set of inner diameter of the same type of insert ball bearing units than covered wire, for example, with the top wire UC209 outer spherical ball bearing inner diameter of 45 mm, instead of the cooperative use of shaft diameter of 45 mm, but if if insert ball bearing units with tapered, can only choose the inner diameter of 45 mm set, and cooperation with 45 mm set set of insert ball bearing units with taper just got UK210 (of course if agree with higher can choose UK310).Thus, acceptable UK210 fit when make a much bigger than UC209.
Third, take off centre set of outer spherical ball bearing Its code-named: UEL200 series, UEL300 series, SA200 series.Such outer spherical ball bearing on the primary characteristics of bearing must offset degree, and at one end with the same degree of eccentricity of eccentricity With cooperation.Such bearing can also special bearing, due to its top is in agricultural machinery, cutting machine, straw returned machine, thresher, etc.) on apply, such external spherical ball bearing first applied to compare the layout of the strong, offset the layout of the cooperation can be useful to cut a strong beat.

Insert ball bearing
Insert ball bearing unit is combing roller bearing and bearing seat, a bearing units.Most particularly the spherical bearing are made spherical diameter, with bearing with spherical inner hole installation, variety structure, good versatility and interchangeability.
At the same time, this kind of bearing in design also has a certain adjustable mind, easy to install, has a dual structure of sealing device, can work under harsh environment.Bearing is usually is made of casting forming.Commonly used with vertical (P), (F), the square convex square stands (FS), circular convex (FC) and diamond (FL), ring (C), such as the slider (T).
Insert ball bearing unit is divided into heart and bearing seat, bearing on the term is added heart bearing housings, such as belt tight set screw outer spherical bearing UC205 with vertical UCP205 said.Insert ball bearing unit because of the strong interchangeability, heart can be fitting in the bearing of the same specifications different shape.
With a vertical outer spherical ball bearing
Square seat belt outside the spherical bearing
Insert ball bearing units with the diamond
With circular convex outer spherical ball bearing
Insert ball bearing units with ring seat
Insert ball bearing units with the slider
Insert ball bearing units with suspension seat
Insert ball bearing units with hanging
Insert ball bearing units with adjustable diamond seat
With stamping outer spherical ball bearing
Insert ball bearing units with other cities

Series 390000, outer spherical bearing is through the eccentric sleeve bearing inner ring with fixed axis, eccentric sleeve on the socket head cap screw fastening effect.In maintenance, a lot of machinist will not tear open outfit this kind of bearing, so it is necessary to introduce disassembling series 390000, the main technical points of the outer spherical bearing and the matters needing attention:
Remove the
1. Use the first hexagon wrench, loosen the lock screw on the eccentric bearing sets and then with a small iron rod inserted into the roof sink hole on the eccentric sleeve, against the direction of the axis of rotation to play loose eccentric sleeve.
2. Unscrew the fixed bolt of the bearing.From the bearing, together with the bearing on the shaft will be unloaded.Note bearing on one side of the break shaft before. On the other end of the shaft should be bearing bolt loosening, lest bearings on both ends don't strength and damage to each other.
The installation
1. The shaft bearing before installation, you must first remove the bearing a coat of fixed pin, the shaft neck at the same time clean exterior burnish is smooth, and the journal oil anti-rust and lubrication (allows for a slightly bearings on the shaft rotation).
2. The coating on surface of the bearing and the bearing lubricating oil, put the bearing into the bearing seat.Then assembly good bearing with bearing on the shaft. Up to the required location for installation.
3. Fixed bearing bolts do not tighten, let bearing coat in bearing internal energy.Also installed on the same shaft, on the other side of the bearing and shaft turning laps, make automatic alignment position bearing itself.Then good bearing bolts.
4. The eccentric sleeve.Put on the steps of eccentric set set in the bearing inner sleeve, with the hand along the axis of rotation direction on tight. And then insert the small iron or standing up to the sink hole on the eccentric sleeve. Hammer along the axis direction of rotation of the small iron. Make the eccentric sleeve installation is firm, the socket head cap screw locking eccentric sleeve.

2.Main products, Packing & Testing

Industrial Bearings/Pillow Block Type Ball Bearing/Pillow Block Bearing
Packing details 1 piece/Transparent plastic bag/inner box,1 plastic bag/carton/medium package,60 pieces/master carton
1 pc net weight:0.015kg,gross weight:0.016kg
medium package:10*25*9mm
master carton:20*75*90mm
Delivery details 5-25 working days after payment

3. Informations sur l'entreprise et l'usine
Nous avons fait de l'industrie et de la société commerciale intégrée. Nous avons notre propre usine, fabriquant des roulements à billes à rainure profonde, un roulement à rouleaux coniques, un roulement à roulement sphérique et un roulement à rouleaux sphériques, professionnellement
Ont participé à des ventes de roulements importés, principaux produits importés de NSK, NTN, KOYO et TIMKEN et ainsi de suite. Nous avons également des produits
Des marques nationales, telles que ZWZ, HRB et LYC. Nos produits sont impliqués
Dans le vol spatial, l'aviation, la métallurgie, la pétrochimie, l'électricité, le pouvoir,
L'acier, les chemins de fer, l'imprimerie, l'alimentation, la médecine, l'industrie chimique, les machines minières, la construction
Machines, machines de construction de routes et d'autres domaines. Bienvenue aux amis à la fois domestiques
Et à l'étranger pour venir ici pour l'inspection et la négociation commerciale.
Industrial Bearings/Pillow Block Type Ball Bearing/Pillow Block Bearing

A.Prix avantage comparez avec la société commerciale, car nous avons notre propre usine
B.Comparer avec l'usine, nous sommes faciles à communiquer.
Nos produits ont été produits sous un système de test de qualité strict.
D.Plus de plusieurs années d'expérience dans l'industrie
E.Accept OEM, la personnalisation, le logo des clients
L'usine de f.Our a différentes tailles portant en stock. Ainsi, nous nous chargerons d'envoyer la livraison dans les 3 jours après avoir reçu le paiement des acheteurs.
G. Meilleure livraison rapide
H.Multiplex: mode de paiement: Western Union, paypal, T / T, L / C à vue
I.La réduction spéciale et la protection de la zone de vente fournissent à nos distributeurs.
J. Nous sommes dignes d'une enquête.
5.Services aux entreprises
La qualité est la vie d'une entreprise, afin de rendre les produits satisfaisants des clients, nous prenons l'engagement suivant.
Les produits sont inspectés qualifiés lorsqu'ils quittent l'usine comme stipulé dans la norme nationale et les exigences du client. La durée de vie du roulement a atteint la norme internationale et les exigences du client. Conformément à la réglementation standard nationale et aux exigences du client pour l'emballage intérieur et extérieur, assurez-vous qu'aucun problème pendant le transit. Tout problème de qualité apparaissait dans les produits portant, il devrait être résolu conformément aux dispositions de l'engagement du service à la clientèle dans le temps. Si le client a une exigence de qualité spéciale pour les produits de roulement, la production doit être traitée conformément aux exigences du client, garantissant les exigences particulières du client. Bienvenue à des amis du monde entier pour visiter, faire un téléphone ou envoyer une lettre pour négocier l'entreprise.
Merci de votre visite

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